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The high energy visible spectrum (HEV) or blue light is a topic that is being studied and lectured about extensively. Blue light is the wave length between 390-500 nm and is emitted by the sun, computers, smart phones, television, tablets, and most types of lighting. The indoor man-made blue -violet light in the range 400-450 and is being linked to many eye and general health problems.

When the sun sets, the human body is supposed to wind down, relax, and get a good night’s sleep. In today’s society, this isn’t happening do to the prolonged exposure in the evening to various devices that emit blue light. We are using digital devices like smart phones, computers, tablets and even television that are emitting the potentially harmful blue -violet light rays . These frequencies of blue light may negatively impact our visual system , sleep patterns and general health. Here is a recent Harvard publication discusisng the potential harm of blue light in more detail :

Blue Light Damage to the eye is becoming more and more prevalent since the majority of us are using digital devices in our daily routines. Studies indicate that blue light may increase our risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Prolonged exposure of blue light from work on computers, smart phones and tablets increases eye strain, fatigue and dry eye symptomatology. One of the main culprits for computer vision syndrome (CVS) is prolonged use of a computer that emits frequencies of blue light. Gamers and students are notorious for having very poor sleep habits and excessive eye strain .

Many lens companies are now selling blue light protection lenses that filter this blue light. All blue filtering lenses are not the same. Some lenses have certain tints that are used to absorb some of this blue light. These lenses can be yellow, orange, or purple in color. Some companies are using a coating to absorb the blue light and some are actually putting this filtering technology into the lens monomer so it is throughout the entire lens. Many lens companies are filtering only a small percent of the harmful blue light and some are filtering close to 100% of specific frequencies of the blue-violet light.

Studies are conclusive that we need to filter blue light especially in the evening when working on computers, tablets, smart phones or watching TV. The latest research has been directed at filtering the majority of the blue/violet light between 400-420 nm. This research also suggests that around 411 nm is one of the worse frequencies of blue/violet light for the retina. Eyeworks' blue light defense blocking lenses are not merely a coating - as provided by most opticals - which only blocks approximately 10% blue light damage. Eyeworks' blue light blocks over 99% of the waves between 400-420nm --- then blocks a good portion up to 450nm. Take control of you and your families future health by investing in Eyeworks' new blue light defense blocking lenses.

Even if you don't have a prescription need for glasses you still qualify for Blue Light Lenses. These come in RX or non RX. Ask your Eyeworks optical associate for more information.

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